Donatella Taramelli, Università di Milano

Donatella Taramelli is Full Professor of Pathology in the Faculty of Pharmacy of the University of Milan, Milan, Italy since 2000. She is also the Director of the Graduate School in Biotechnology. Prof Taramelli after the degree in Biology, completed her post-doctoral training in the Lab of Immunodiagnosis, NCI, NIH, Bethesda (MD) and then at the National Cancer Institute in Milan, Italy. In 1987, she became Associated Professor of Pathology & Microbiology affiliated to the Medical School and, in 1993, she moved to the Faculty of Pharmacy of the University of Milan. Prof. Taramelli bibliography includes 178 pub med indexed papers, 16 book chapters, one international patent. As PI she received funding from EU FP6 and FP7 Programme, from the NIH, from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, from WHO-TDR and from Italian Institutions, including the Italian Government ( Ministry of Education, Italian International Cooperation) and Public Agencies.
The main research subjects/platforms of her group include:
Discovery/ screening/early development of antimalarial drugs against different P falciparum stages (asexual and sexual stages);
Development of new methods to study the mechanism of action of quinoline and artemisinin antimalarials;
Discovery of anti leishmanial drugs, and screening against both promastigotes and amastigotes;
In vitro cytotoxicity assays against a panel of normal cells or transformed cell lines, including human endothelial cells
Studies on parasite-host relationships, in particular, the role of parasite products, namely hemozoin, on host innate immunity, endothelial activation, cytokine-chemokine production.
Studies of “off target” activities of antimalarial drugs: effects on angiogenesis and human erythroid differentiation in relationship to malaria anemia.


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