Elisa Nemes, University of Cape Town, Cape Town

Elisa Nemes trained (M.Sc and PhD) in T cell immunology in the context of HIV infection at the University of Modena and Reggio Emilia, Italy, and at the University of Paris VI, France. In 2008-2010 she worked as post-doctoral scientist in Cameroon, in the framework of an Italian Cooperation Program to support the startup of research projects and to reinforce the technology transfer at CIRCB (“Chantal Biya International Reference Centre for Research on HIV/AIDS Prevention and Management”), where she contributed to research projects focused on the paediatric immune response to HIV and M. tuberculosis. Dr Nemes moved to South Africa in 2011, where she joined the South African Tuberculosis Vaccine Initiative (SATVI) at the University of Cape Town as post-doctoral scientist first, and currently as Senior Research Officer. She is involved in the scientific supervision of both clinical trials of new tuberculosis vaccines and basic immunological studies on adaptive and innate immunity to M. tuberculosis in HIV infected and uninfected children. She is centrally involved in collaborative projects aimed at defining immune correlates of risk of TB disease in BCG vaccinated infants and correlates of risk of BCG/TB IRIS in HIV+ children. Research interests include measuring human immune responses to HIV and TB and application of systems biology approaches to the discovery of immune correlates of risk, which can ultimately facilitate development and assessment of new vaccines.

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